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Easter: The roads towards faith and tradition

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Easter: The roads towards faith and tradition

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Day 1

From the airport of arrival (Palermo or Trapani), you will head to the selected accommodation in Trapani. After an initial welcome and check-in, a presentation will follow of the rituals that take place during the “Holy Week” in Trapani, Marsala, and Erice. You will then have a first-hand experience, at dinner, with the culinary traditions of Sicily.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel.
You will go on a guided tour of the elegant Baroque historical center of the city of Trapani, then on to the Regional Museum of Pepoli to admire the collections of corals, gold, silver, and works by Gagini. The tour continues to the Stagnone Lagoon Reserve to visit the famous salt marshes and the old mill (with the possibility of purchasing small souvenirs containing “white gold”, the healthy “sea salt from Trapani”). Lunch then follows in a restaurant within the Stagnone Lagoon area.
We then continue towards Marsala for a guided tour of the historic Florio tuna cannery and tasting of fine Marsala wine. We return to the hotel in Trapani in the late afternoon for an appointment with the well awaited “scinnuta” (procession) dedicated to Mary, Mother of Mercy of the Massari (those who carry the simulacrum).
Dinner follows in the historical center to better enjoy the atmosphere of the people of Trapani during this Holy Week.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure by bus for the city of Custonaci, famous for the creation of the nativity scene inside the Grotto of Mangiapane.
There will be a stop over at the Barbera oil mill with a tour of the establishment and a sampling of oil produced from olives grown in this stretch of land kissed by the sun.
Custonaci is, among other things, the only Marian city of Sicily, one of the five in Italy. Therefore, a must to see is the Sanctuary of the Holy Mother of Custonaci (Maria SS. di Custonaci ).
We continue on to the popular seaside town of San Vito lo Capo.
Lunch follows with fish cous cous, a typical dish of the local tradition that has made ??the already well-known town of San Vito even more popular. San Vito has, for 16 years, been host to the world-famous culinary event called the Cous Cous Fest, which sees chefs from various nations challenge each other with innovative cous cous recipes. Following is a stroll along the white sandy beach of the town that, this year, received recognition as the “most beautiful beach in Italy “, to then return to Trapani, for an evening with ambience while waiting for the evocative and ancient meeting of the two Madonnas. Mary Mother of Mercy of the Massari and Our Lady of Mercy of the People, (Madonna della Pietà and Madonna della Pietà del Popolo).
A traditional dinner follows with local wine tasting in a wine shop in the heart of the historical center, defined the “elegant parlor” of the city.

Day 4

Breakfast at the hotel.
Free time on your own in the morning for shopping (and lunch).
We will then meet to go to Marsala to attend the Via Crucis, an extraordinary, ancient interpretation of the Passion of Christ, staged through the streets of the city, by actors and townspeople of Marsala .
You will then be able to enjoy cocktails with tasting of fine local traditional wines at the municipal wine shop followed later by dinner in the historical center, to then return to the hotel in Trapani.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure by private bus to Erice.
You will then go on a guided tour of the characteristic medieval village, also known as the “city of science and peace”. Following is a seafood lunch in a restaurant at the summit, waiting for the early afternoon and the “Procession of the Mysteries” (Processione dei Misteri) of Erice, famous for the Via Crucis dating back to the 1500s.
After returning to the hotel in Trapani there will be a briefing while waiting to experience the long night of the famous “Mysteries of Trapani “, one of Italy’s longest religious events, the exact duration of it being 24 consecutive hours, and which has been celebrated for 400 years.
The procession is made ??up of 20 “religious groups” (carried on the shoulders of bearers and worshippers who move with the characteristic “annacata”, a particular painful gait), depicting scenes from the Passion of Jesus Christ. The faces of the statues are carved from wood and are created ??with the technique used in Trapani called “carchèt”, which consists in the use of glue and plaster to give greater valence to the expressions on the faces and more naturalness to the clothing.
You’ll have time for dinner on your own and especially to better enjoy the ambience of devotion and sacredness of the procession that winds through the city streets.

Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel.
Free morning to see the simulacra groups enter the Church of the Purgatory (Chiesa del Purgatorio).
Then we will meet at the port area and take a private bus to Segesta.
We will have lunch at a farm and subsequent visit to the enchanting archaeological site of Segesta to admire the ruins of the ancient Temple immersed in the greenery, as well as the theater.
After returning to the hotel in Trapani, you will have dinner on your own, while waiting to attend the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in the heart of the city.

Day 7

You will have “Easter Lunch” inside the old seventeenth century tuna cannery in the seaside village of Bonagia, then return to the hotel,
free time in the afternoon, and dinner on your own.

Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airport to reach your final destinations.



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1. Trasferimenti da e per Aeroporti
2. Consulenza Turistica full time
3. Museo Regionale Pepol
4. Riserva dello Stagnone
5. Cantine Florio
6. Grotte di Mangiapane
7. Oleificio Barbera
8. Santuario di Maria S.S di Custonaci
9. Cous Cous fest San Vito lo Capo
10. Erice - Borgo Medievale
11. Erice - Processione dei Misteri
12. Segesta - sito archeologico
Visita agli scavi e all'antico Tempio immerso nel verde
13. Trapani - Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
14. Trapani - Centro Storico della città Barocca