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Tour of Eastern Sicily

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Day 1

After arrival at the airport of Catania or Comiso, you will head to the hotel in Siracusa, where a welcome cocktail and presentation awaits you.
You will then have a first-hand experience with the “local delicacies and culinary delights” (tasting of typical products and dinner to follow).

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel.
Start with a tour of the city of Siracusa, a place where proof of the domination of the past still stand out today. It is no coincidence that Cicero, when referring to Siracusa, called it “the largest and most beautiful among the Greek cities”. A part of the visit that cannot be missed is the “tour of the splendors”, which are: the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, where you can admire the Greek Theatre, the Ear of Dionysius (Orecchio di Dionisio), and the Roman amphitheater, to then continue on to the “Rope Maker’ Grotto” (Grotta dei Cordari) (located in the complex of Latomia del Paradiso), the Catacombs of St. John (Catacombe di San Giovanni), and the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears (Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime). The next part of the visit will be the Piazza Archimede with its impressive Baroque buildings, the beautiful Fountain of Artemis (Fontana di Artemide), the Temple of Apollo, the famous Ortigia (an island of extraordinary beauty where you can visit its magnificent Cathedral that stands on the remains of a temple dedicated to Athens), and also the Arethuse fountain (Fonte Aretusa), a body of water where papyrus plants grow.
Lunch will be at a restaurant in Ortigia, where you will be able to enjoy the cuisine of Siracusa.When we return to the hotel in the late afternoon, with a private bus, you will then have time to relax, followed by drinks and dinner at the hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Then, by private bus, we will head out to explore the city of Catania.
A visit to the historical center of the city of Etna, a World Heritage Site. The tour will start with a visit to Piazza Duomo, where you can admire the Elephant Fountain (Fontana dell’Elefante), the Cathedral (Duomo), and the Achilliane Baths, to then continue to the Roman Theatre, the Rotanda Baths, and a visit to the Benedictine Monastery, the Roman Amphitheatre, and the Bellini Theater, which overlooks the square with the same name.
Lunch will follow in a typical restaurant located in the heart of the historical center.
In the afternoon, we head to Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, with a stop at the Sapienza Lodge (Rifugio Sapienza), where you can hike around the volcano, in permitted areas.
We will return to hotel for some rest and relaxation, then dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast at the hotel. We will then head towards the heart of Sicily to visit several renowned historical locations: Armerina Square (Piazza Armerina) and Caltagirone (upon request, we can stop at the Dittaino - Enna Mall).
Piazza Armerina, in the province of Enna, is famous for its mosaics in the Villa Romana del Casale, which depict scenes and traditions of the life of that era. Their peculiarity could make you remember Piazza Armerina, in the memories of your trip, as the “City of Mosaics”. Dating back to the fourth century A.D., these mosaics were created ??by craftsmen from North Africa. You can breathe the history of these places in every street and alley of the neighborhoods of the historical center, where you can admire beautiful Baroque and Renaissance buildings, such as the Palazzo Trigone and the Aragonese Castle. A must see is the beautiful Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of Mary (Santa Assunta), with an extraordinary wooden crucifix dating back to the fifth century.
The name, Caltagirone, is tied to its famous ceramics (pottery), produced from generation to generation in the workshops along the streets of the town. In fact, the city itself can be defined as an “open air museum “ because its great arts and crafts enrich every corner of the city. Here you cannot miss out on the “Museum of Ceramics”, built around the 1950s and situated in an Art Nouveau building. Then there is the very famous Scala di Santa Maria del Monte, with its 142 steps. Reaching a height of 100 meters, it was built to connect the old town to the new one, built higher up.
In the late afternoon, return to the hotel in Siracusa by private bus, where you will get to relax and then have dinner in the hotel.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel. A bus will take you to Ragusa to explore the beauty of this lovely city, known as the city of “Sicilian Baroque”. Sicilian Baroque is the style that recounts the stages of the reconstruction that took place in the eighteenth century and that, in Ragusa, manifests itself in all its splendor in its buildings and numerous churches (at least 50 in all). Just think of the artistic and cultural heritage of Ragusa Alba, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of its most important “works of art” is the Cathedral of St. George (Duomo di San Giorgio), with its spectacular dome, rich in treasures and beautiful stained glass windows, frescoes, and high reliefs in wood.
In addition to its magical lanes and narrow streets, another must to see are the most important squares in Ragusa Ibla: the Piazza Duomo, Piazza Pola, and Largo S. Paolo.
Continuing the tour, you will be able to experience the unique surroundings within the Hyblaean Gardens (Giardini Iblei) (Villa Ragusa Ibla), situated in a panoramic position overlooking the Irminio Valley, to then proceed to visit other examples of Baroque buildings, such as the Palazzo Costentino and the Palazzo Sortino Trono.
Lunch follows in Scicli, with tastings of fine wines from the local tradition, and then a visit the Donna Fugata Castle, a sumptuous, and immensely charming, noble dwelling from the nineteenth century where several scenes from the television series, Montalbano, and also the Gattopardo were filmed.
We will then return to the hotel in Siracusa in the late afternoon for a bit of rest and relaxation followed by dinner.

Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure towards exploring the “Sicilian Grand Canyon”, the Gorges of Alcantara. This tour will fill you with singular sensations due to the beauty of this area, which originated from the channels left by the flow of lava that entered the icy Alcantara River.
Following the paths of the Botanical and Geological Garden of the Gorges of Alcantara, you will come upon unique views of the gorges and, thanks to the recently installed elevators, you can easily access the Spiaggetta delle Gole, a quaint beach of immense beauty.
From here, on to Taormina, an extraordinary tourist destination of rare beauty, loved by many artists and writers of its Greek theater. Goethe once said: “Who sits there, where once sat the spectators, in the highest seat, must confess that never did theater spectators have before them such a similar sight”. Taormina is a very famous tourist destination, located 200 meters above sea level. Graced by a mild microclimate, it resembles a magnificent terrace with panoramic views of Mount Etna and the Bay of Mazzaro, bordered by Capo Sant'Andrea and Isola Bella.
Lunch will be in the heart of the city, followed by a visit to the Greek theater and the cathedral dedicated to St. Nicholas (San Nicola), and a stroll through the narrow streets of the city center.
Return to the hotel in the evening for dinner.

Day 7

Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure for a visit to the famous Brocca Cathedral and the city center, then to Marzamemi, an ancient fishing village, to have lunch, followed by a visit to the Nature Reserve of Capo Passero.
Returning to the hotel, you will have some time to relax, followed by dinner.

Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airport for departure.


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