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Palermo, along with its port, can be defined as the most important “gateway” of Sicily. Also known as the city built on the Conca d'Oro (Golden Basin), it is a fertile terrain where citrus and olive grow lush. Palermo is a city of great charm because of its artistic and cultural heritage and its “aromas and flavors” that characterize various of the old parts of the city.

There is significant evidence of Normans inhabiting these lands. One important example is the imposing Palace of the Normans, which represents an extraordinary work of Arab-Norman architecture combined with that of the architecture common of Palermo. Among the treasures of Palermo that stand out the most is the Sistine Chapel, defined as one of the most beautiful Norman monuments in existence.

Along the city streets you can still smell the aromas of “street food “. It is also this that makes Palermo even more intriguing and fascinating.

Famous are its rice balls (arancini) or spleen sandwich with fritters. But you can also experience unique moments among the “noisy” stalls of the well-know food market of Palermo, known as the Vucciria. Keeping with the appeal of the region’s capital, you couldn’t miss out on the famous “shopping streets”, some of the most important being Via Libertà, Maqueda, Via Roma, and Via Principe di Belmonte. Yet, Palermo is also the home of the “Sicilian moppets” (Pupi Siciliani), which are precisely the most renowned objects of the city’s local handicrafts. These Sicilian puppets are wooden marionettes that evoke the gestures of the paladins of Orlando. Even today, the performance of the Opera of the Pupi is shown and still achieves great success.