Myland Tour Operator

Why Myland

Why Myland

What distinguishes and makes the Myland offer unique is PASSION.
Passion as a deep knowledge of one’s own land and of its infinite cultural itineraries, like the love for a Sicily that is frank, real, stroked by the sea, the sun, and the wind: a unique port of call for thousands of years, for a multitude of people and characters. The cultural treasure of the Mediterranean.

Passion as an emotion, the same we are able to transmit to those who choose us, to offer a stay that is not only a vacation in itself, but also a cultural, emotional, and personal enrichment.

Fun and comfort, relaxation, and dynamism in a game of harmonies and contrasts, in order to give life to an experience filled with that Sicilian singularity.

Myland will take you by the hand, taking care of every detail: every house, every shop, every restaurant or hotel accommodation, and every destination and event we propose is the result of a meticulous selection, so that we may guarantee foreign tour operators the confidence needed to discover the new market that is western Sicily, a land thousands of years old, yet not quite explored… new and unique.