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Marettimo,the sacred island

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A close encounter with Marettimo, the  Greeks’ sacred island .Tour through the local traditions and nature to discover one of the true paradises of the Mediterranean.

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A close encounter with Marettimo, the  Greeks’ sacred island. Tour through the local traditions and the uncontaminated nature to discover one of the true paradises of the Mediterranean. Arrival at the airport of Trapani and Palermo. Transfer by bus to the port of Trapani to board on an hydrofoil. Arrival at Marettimo, briefing to make introductions and dinner. The tour of the island by the traditional local boats is a set course to introduce this pearl of Mediterranean in every aspect. In addition to the visit of its natural beauty, which makes it unique in its kind and mark it as the most extensive and rich nature reserve in the Mediterranean,  it is a way to know it, and, so ,to move better and freely during your holiday. Expert boatmen and fishermen, strictly local, will immerse you in its history and especially in its culture. The trip starts  with a strong emotional impact in leaving at the back the small village, compact and collected in the only plain of the island, only to find yourselves in a few minutes at the foot of imposing the Mountain Falcone ( Monte Falcone), which dominates the island with its 684 meters of high and goes down rapidly dr in the colorful bays that in hundreds will open themselves  in front of your eyes. The choice of the cave to stop will be due to the experience of your guide since they vary in colors and atmospheres as result of a combination  of the sea, the wind and the sun, so you won’t be able to miss the  rendezvous with the sacredness of Cala Bianca in the north-west of the island. At this point we are in the complete preserve, the island goes straight to the sea and  changes. Giants dolomite overlooking the blue enrich with wonderful sea caves coves below, if there are more than 400 of the most beautiful and will be visited by boat; The Spanish called this charming west side of the island barrancos (wall), and this name is currently in use among the local fishermen. History won’t miss to be a main subject of the trip when you will discern, in the  plateau above the village, the “roman houses” (case romane) the first military garrison on the island and place of the Punic Wars, or when you’ll arrive at the foot of the castle on Punta Troia that, because of its strategic location, saw parading one after the other all the domination of the island from the Saracens. The remaining part f the island put up the beaches you will be able to evaluate as possible landings for the following days. An accurate and detailed presentation will be provided by our staff concerning the mountain and its paths to reach the most important places, such as the aforementioned Roman houses, the lighthouse of Punta Libeccio, the castle of Punta Troia and Pizzo falcone, for a pure immersion between the Mediterranean vegetation and history. The small village on the island is entirely in Arabic style, narrow alleyways with common courtyards, small squares and harbors succeed  one another with intense rhythms. The morphology of the country, especially in its small size, allows you to live freely  your holiday and move between bars and clubs without constraints related to our package which provides so just a dinner and excludes breakfast in the charming small bars that overlook the sea, not to miss the “marettimaro morning”, a moment of intense activities of  life in the island. After the presentation of our sacred island and its people, your real magic free vacation in this enchanted world will start under the wind of Myland that for decades has been living Marettimo in the front line.

services included:

- Rent a local room from those ones selected by Myland

- Transfer from / to airport

- Hydrofoil tickets to / r

- A dinner

- Excursion around the island

- Full time support


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