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Entering the heart of the Sicilian hinterland, we discover the city of Enna, which rises at the end of a mountainous ridge, in a significantly scenic location. The city’s economy is prevalently based on agricultural. Not surprisingly, one of Enna’s characteristics is precisely its numerous small villages, where time seems to have stopped and which were able to maintain the flavor of the agricultural and rural tradition of Sicily.

The most important buildings worth visiting are the Duomo of Enna, which was renovated in the Baroque period, and the Aragonese Castle. Among the most striking excursions is to the Castle of Sperlinga, with rooms that are entirely built into the rock.

The town was comprised of about 50 caves, some of which now house the Ethno-Anthropological Museum, where you can admire the tools from the peasant culture of the time. A note of worldliness is given by the largest outlet village in Sicily, located just a few kilometers from Enna.

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