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 Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo

The city of Mazara del Vallo overlooks the Mediterranean Sea at the mouth of the Mazaro river and can be defined the most “Arabian” city of Italy. Just less than 200 km from the Tunisian coast, it was first a Phoenician colony, then a maritime emporium for nearby Selinunte. It also enjoyed a period of great prosperity under Arab rule, of which important examples are still visible in the city today.

The old historical center, once enclosed within the Norman walls, includes a number of monumental churches, several dating back to the eleventh century, as well as an Islamic district system, typical of “medinas”, called the Casbah.

The main business activities in the city are fishing, agriculture, shipbuilding, and food. The central area of the city is the Baroque square, Piazza della Repubblica. The fishing port is one of the best known and most important in Italy, with a fleet of approximately 400 large deep sea trawlers.

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